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Used to ease “female” problems, for painful menstruation; to increase lactation, to aid digestion and as an antibacterial.

Enriches and stimulates increased production of mother’s milk especially when taken with Red Raspberry as well as treats headaches from difficult periods and menopause.

This female hormone balancer can also reduce menstrual pain and help control vaginal discharge.

It brings oxygen to the brain, increasing circulation and strengthening memory.

It is especially beneficial for liver disorders and strengthens the lungs and heart.

  • 100 Capsules
  • This product contains no fillers, binders or other additives.

    Each capsule is a Vegicap, a 100% vegetarian capsule

  • This information is for educational purposes only, and is not intended to prescribe or diagnose or make claims for medical advice, directly or in- directly. If you have need for medical assistance, please contact your local physician, or medical practitioner
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