Bobby Hemmitt Video Collection

Brother Bobby is a raw, spiritual and down to earth speaker. He decodes the mysteries that have been locked into the "mystery system" and brings the universe back to "BLACK" life. Most of Bobby's lectures are from 2 to 10 hours, usually recorded at LP/SLP speeds. Any Bobby Hemmitt lecture will blow your socks off with powerful information! Be prepared!

After speaking with Bobby Hemmitt today, We have mutually agreed to put a cap on the retail prices of his lectures at $30 regardless of the number of DVD's. 

The prices will now be fixed at $25 for Single DVD lectures and $30 for Doubles & Triples.

This is the first step in a process that will eventually centralize all the great speakers of our time.

Once again "Brothers are trying  to work it out"

Updated April 2014