Body Oils

100% Pure Alcohol Free Body Oils

Our fragrances are in pure form without alcohol or fillers, you can expect a richer aroma than others, and one of the great benefits of using our oils is just a drop or two is all you'll need to retain your full, rich fragrance hour after hour, even all day for many people! At the same time, many who thought they were allergic to perfume find they can wear our oils without itching or sneezing, or red and puffy eyes, an allergic side affects most likely caused by alcohol and other fillers rather than the oils themselves.

Fragrance oils are not Essential oils. Fragrance oils are made to wear on your skin without any issues.

Essential Oils are not intended for direct contact with your skin unless diluted. Do not put essential oils on your skin unless diluted as it may cause irritation and is not intended for internal use.

Last Updated January 2017