Western Herbal Cures

We don't have all of the answers to perfect health. It's unlikely that we ever will. Some things are easy. Our body has the natural ability to heal certain diseases and injuries without much trouble at all. Other illnesses have been shown to have high success rates when treated with specific therapies, some through alternative/traditional medicine and others through western medicine. But there are some diseases that we still have a lot of questions about. With these conditions, doctors often give us options and tell us that the outcome is hard to predict. We do our best to inform ourselves and then we make the decision that seems best for us at that moment in time.

Many of us will explore traditional and western alternatives when confronted with disease. There is always a risk when we are faced with a choice like this. No matter how much we want to be in control, we just aren't. We have to do the best we can to honor our experience, knowledge, and intuition, and then just move forward and let go.