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Bulk 100% Pure Oil Dipped Incense (Updated 2016)

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Brand Name: House of Nubian Inc.
Item#/SKU: Bulk Incense New
  • 100% Pure Oil dipped Incense
  • Over 100 different fragrances available
  • All Pure & Natural
  • Approx 100 sticks Per Pack
  • $2.20 Each ($0.025 per Stick)
  • Use our new customer inspired rating system.
  • Each star equals twenty orders of that particular incense.
  • The more stars the more popular the incense.

    Wholesale only

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    $60 in Bulk Incense
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    $60 in Bulk Incense will be Canceled

    List Price: $ 3.30
    Our Price: $ 2.25


  • (CKLS) Colon-Kidney-Liver-Spleen

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    Brand Name: New Body Products
    Item#/SKU: NB-30

    It is said that all sickness begins in the colon and then spreads to other parts of the body. The purpose of the colon is to expel the toxins and wastes that it collects from other organs in the body. When waste matter sits in our colon, it allows protiens to putrefy, fats become rancid, and carbohydrates ferment. Even with one bowel movement per day, you will still have at least two meals worth of waste matter putrefying in your colon at all times.

    If the colon is not operating efficiently and not kept cleansed of encrusted toxins and waste, then it will begin recycling waste back into the body, which will absorb into the bloodstream and accumulate in our organs.

    The longer your body is exposed to these conditions, the more risk of absorbing these dangerous intestinal toxins, causing dis-ease.

    The herbs in New Body's C.K.L.S. formula have successfully been used to help eliminate toxins from the colon, kidneys, liver, and spleen.

    One of the best things about this cleanse, unlike any others you may have tried, CKLS does not gripe the stomach.

    Millions of people have cleansed the New Body way.

  • Ingredients: Aloe Vera Resin, Chamomile, Cascara Sagrada, Chaparral, Mullein, Uva Ursi, Fenugreek, Cayenne, Dandelion, Eucalyptus
  • 100 Capsules
  • This product contains no fillers, binders or other additives.
  • Each capsule is a Vegicap, a 100% vegetarian capsule
    This information is for educational purposes only, and is not intended to prescribe or diagnose or make claims for medical advice, directly or in- directly. If you have need for medical assistance, please contact your local physician, or medical practitioner

    Our Price: $ 20.98


  • Underground Railroad DVD (History Channel)

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    Brand Name: Young Lords
    Item#/SKU: 9573
    No records were kept, but historians believe more than 100,000 slaves tried to escape their bondage before the Emancipation Proclamation. Most of those who made it to the relative safety of the north--or the wilderness, when slavery still reigned in the north--had help in the form of the Underground Railroad.

    Whites, free blacks, and Native Americans offered aid and shelter, though the notion of the Railroad as a kind of conspiracy of freedom, organized from north to south, is deeply flawed.

    Alfre Woodard links together interviews with historians, contemporary photographs, drawings, and dramatic reenactments to show the terrors of slavery and the travails of escape, exploding many of our myths along the way.

    The economic and political motivations behind many white abolitionists feelings are explored, and while ultimately it didn't matter to a slave reaching out for liberty why it was offered, we are forced to reevaluate the selfless image of many "conductors."

    Still, freedom is freedom, and the History Channel's Underground Railroad tells its story well, inspiring respect for the generations of men and women who fought silently for it.

  • Actors: Alfre Woodard
  • Directors: Jeff Lengyel
  • Producers: Jeff Lengyel, Steve Kroopnick, Stu Schreiberg, Susan Michaels
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
  • Number of discs: 1
  • Rated: NR (Not Rated)
  • Studio: A&E Home Video
  • DVD Release Date: January 28, 2003
  • Run Time: 95 minutes
    Our Price: $ 19.99


  • House of Mohan Charcoal Incense

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    Brand Name: House of Mohan
    Item#/SKU: Mohan Incense
  • Pure-Atmosphere Incense from India.
  • 10 sticks of Charcoal Incense
  • Pure charcoal incense hand rolled in the finest herbs, spices, oil, honey, and sandalwood powder only $1.30 per pack
  • Available in over 40 different fragrances
    Our Price: $ 1.30


  • 100% Pure Oil Dipped Incense (Updated 2016)

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    Brand Name: House of Nubian Inc.
    Item#/SKU: Incense New
  • 100% Pure Oil dipped Incense
  • 100 different scents Available
  • All Pure & Natural
  • Approx 100 sticks Per Pack
  • $3.30 Each ($0.033 per Stick)
  • Use our new customer inspired rating system.
  • Each star equals twenty orders of that particular incense.
  • The more stars the more popular the incense.
    Our Price: $ 3.30


  • Ching Chun Bao "Anti-Aging Tablets"

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    Brand Name: Chinese Herbal Medicine 4U
    Item#/SKU: Anti-Aging Tablets
    Product Information

    Rejuvenates,anti-aging, raises kidney Yang, Strengthening the brain, enhancing memory, helping resist fatigue, anti-aging, postponing and reducing the growth of gray hair, enabling adults to maintain their exuberant vigor and preventing premature senility, enhancing immunity, improving functions of the heart

    List Price: $ 11.25
    Our Price: $ 8.97


    100% Pure Uncut Alcohol Free Body Oil 1/3oz

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    Brand Name: House of Nubian Inc.
    Item#/SKU: 1/3 Oil New
    There are certainly advantages to choosing alcohol-free perfumes over perfumes containing a high amount of alcohol and water.

    First, pure perfume oils are much more pleasing to the nose, and they are also longer lasting than perfumes with alcohol. In addition, when you smell perfume oil, you can immediately pick up on the scent, as it is in its pure form. Some perfumes with heavy alcohol contents smell like a big mish-mash of scents, making it hard to decipher top notes, middle notes, and base notes.

    Keep in mind that perfume oils are a lot like other products, such as shoes and clothes. Sure, there are cheap oils, but their scent will be not be as authentic and refreshing as the pure oils.

    When you purchase alcohol-free perfumes, it is wise to find out exactly what the ingredients are before buying.

    Many commercially sold perfumes are made with fillers, namely alcohol, that causes the scent of the perfume to evaporate faster. When you first spray a perfume with a high alcohol content, it tends to smell strong. However, within an hour or two, the scent of the perfume has evaporated considerably, which means you cannot smell it as well, if at all.

    Alcohol-free perfumes last longer, and they go on much more subtly. This means that when you walk into a room, people don't smell you before they see you.

    Remember, alcohol and perfume oils do not mix. First, alcohol will diminish the scent you are trying to capture, and it will cause the fragrance to evaporate faster.

    In addition, alcohol can be drying and irritating to the skin, causing some people with sensitive skin to have bad reactions.

    Finally, alcohol-free perfume smells clean and simple, not overpowering or cluttered like some commercial scents.

  • Updated June 2016
    Our Price: $ 8.00


  • 100% Pure Uncut Alcohol Free Body Oil 1oz

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    Brand Name: House of Nubian Inc.
    Item#/SKU: 1oz Oil New
  • 100% Pure Alcohol Free Uncut Body Oil Available in over 427 different fragrances.
  • Possible uses for Fragrance Oils
  • Use as perfume
  • Add to bath water, Shampoo's, Skin Creams and Lotions
  • Mix with water for use in simmering pots,
  • Pour in vacuum cleaner bags,
  • Refresh potpourri, sachets, scented products, and aromatic potteries
  • Place in a musty area to refresh,
  • Put on air conditioning filters
  • Put on sock in dryer when drying sheets and linens,
  • Mix with water when mopping floors
  • Put on melting-type wax candles
  • Put on heater vents
  • Put on humidifier
  • Put in linen closets
  • Add a drop to your stationary
  • Use our customer inspired rating system.
  • Each star equals ten orders of that particular oil in one month.
  • The more stars the more popular the oil.
  • Wholesale available Please call (800)290-0943
  • Updated April 2012
    Our Price: $ 20.00


  • Shou Wu Chih "Liver and Kidney Tonic"

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    Brand Name: Chinese Herbs 4U
    Item#/SKU: Shou W-C
    Shou Wu Chih is one of the most popular liquid tonic preparations for men or women. It nourishes, warms and invigorates the blood, nourishes the liver and kidneys, and benefits the eyes.
    Acts as a strong liver and kidney tonic.
    Strengthens the bones and tendons.
    Suitable for long term use.

    The Chinese consider it to be longevity and sexual tonic that replenishes Qi, and vital essence that is lost in excessive sexual indulgence.

    It can be taken long term. It is a crucial herb to nourish the blood.

    Research has shown that it decreases cholesterol levels and also improves energy levels.

    Add two tablespoons to a cup of hot water for a delicious tea.

    Functions: To nourish blood and replenish essence.
    Moistens the intestines and moves stool.
    Release toxins.
    Use for: Deficient blood syndrome manifested as sallow complexion, dizziness, vertigo, insomnia, early graying of hair and soreness and weakness in the lumbar region and knees.

    Oriental medical theories believe that the hair's condition is related to your internal system. Weak kidney and liver tend to manifest into symptoms such as hair loss and premature gray hair. Such conditions can be remedied by providing essential nutrients to hair follicles.

    Extensive testing shows that 'Shou Wu' can help cleanses the liver and kidney, help lower cholesterol levels and also help develop red blood cells.

    In laboratory tests, 'Shou Wu' has also been shown to help reduce the formation of arterial plaque and lipid deposits while strengthening the muscles, ligaments, and bones.

    Ingredients:Polygonum multiforum Thunb, Angelica sinensis, polygonatum Chinense Kth, Rehmannia glutinosa Libosch, Conioselinum unvittatum Turcz, Anegelica glabra Makino, Hedychium coronarium Koen, Jambosa caryophy llus Ndz.
    The formula also contains small quantities of cloves and cardamon. The inclusion of these aromatic carminative herbs makes the formula more digestible.

    Our Price: $ 15.95


    10 Pack Organically Flavored Chew Sticks (33 Flavors)

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    Brand Name: Feydar Industries
    Item#/SKU: 10pk Org Chw stx
  • Organically Flavored Licorice Chew Stick
  • Each Stick is approx 6" to 7" long
  • Available in : Apple, Blueberry, Black Raspberry, Butter Pecan, Banana, Cherry, Cranberry, Cantaloupe, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Coffee, Ginger, Grape, Grapefruit, Kiwi, Lemon, Mango, Orange, Pomegranate, Peppermint, Papaya, Peach, Pineapple, Passion Fruit, Pear, Pina Colada, Plum, Plain (Licorice), Sangria, Strawberry, Spearmint, Vanilla & Watermelon
  • Convenient Foil Reusable 10 pack
    List Price: $ 15.00
    Our Price: $ 13.50