A collection of Web Site's that are too cool for me not to pass on has the bedding, bath and home accents you're looking for. We carry 100% cotton sheet sets in ethnic and contemporary designs up to 1500 thread count and Egyptian cotton bath towel sets. Be sure to check our new line of animal inspired furniture, rugs and rawhide's. Let us help you accent your home with luxurious decor.

4 Your Body

Health and Body Care Products that are "Just what the Doctor orded!!!"

Black DVD'S 4U

This web site is off the hook....Take a look and see for your self. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Plaza Noir

Plaza Noir is a way to promote, market and deliver your media message and assets to your specific audience and the vastly ever growing internet audience in general. Plaza Noir is a network of creative and business professionals who have recognized the advantages of communicating through new media toward enhancing their positions in the competitive marketplace. The Plaza Noir Network is an cost-effective tool for streaming video and bolstering your Internet presence.

Black Enterprise Magazine

Targeted marketing. Building wealth. Unlocking opportunity. These concepts capture Earl G. Graves, Ltd. today. We are experts on African American business and upscale consumer markets. We understand these markets, serve them and sell to them through our publication, our information products and services and our corporate business partnerships.

Brothers of Wudang

The Brothers of Wudang is an African American web site devoted to the Internal Martial Arts of Pa Kua Chang and Hsing-I. Novell G. Bell a.k.a. The Black Taoist is the Sifu of the organization and the promoter of Internal Martial Arts in the African American community. The site will not only feature martial arts, but other topics such as spirituality, health, and African history. The members of this organization mission statement is - "We are Africans who study the Chinese martial arts...but we are Africans first"

Beautiful Black Site Coalition

The Beautiful Black Sites Coalition, BBSC for short. This site links the best of black sites on the concerning music, modeling, fashion, and urban-life. The BBSC takes it one step furthur by also linking the Kappa Beach and Freaknik websites. To keep you updated on all the action concerning black events.

100 Black Men

An organization designed to improve the quality of life for African-Americans and other minorities. We are empowering young people through mentoring, education, health & wellness and economic development programs. These programs nurture creativity, emphasize academic achievement and reinforce social responsibility

Little Africa

Building Community...Expanding Markets...Creating Value! "Blacks spend $500 billion annually. It is time for us to create and preserve some wealth"