6 Letter Chrome Plated Name Belt Buckle

6 Letter Chrome Plated Name Belt Buckle
Brand Name: Custom Name Buckles 4U
Item#/SKU: CPnb6
  • Imagine the best quality custom belt out your waist...
  • that is what we offer for a fraction of the price of the stores.
  • WE HAND PLACE LETTER AND NUMBER it takes over 2 hours to make each belt buckle..
  • We customize these belt buckles especially for you...
  • Rappers and R&B singers spend up o $100,000 on belts similar to these...
  • and you pay over 1000 times less....
  • Perfect for Men or Women...
  • These completely custom belt buckles are sold in stores for over $200 and we kill their prices...
  • Plus we only take up to 2 days to make them.
  • You can also add a leather belt for only $10!
  • Available in Regular (Plain) or Iced Out (Rhinestone)
  • Order yours today
  • "A to Z only no numbers" "
  • Letter Size: 1.25" x 1"
  • Our Price: $60.00

    Select QTY SKU Buckle Letter Name (6 Letters Only) Unit Price
    CPnb6  Regular Regular $60.00
    CPnb6  Iced out Regular $65.00
    CPnb6  Regular Iced out $65.00
    CPnb6  Iced out Iced out $70.00
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