The Golden Age of the Moor (Book)

The Golden Age of the Moor (Book)
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Over the years I have both read and heard many different theories about the racial and ethnic identity of the people that history refers to as the Moors.

According to history, the Moors are the people who invaded and then occupied southern Spain for some 400 years and made their presence felt throughout Europe.

However, the historians who give us there theories on the racial and ethnic identity of the Moors give very little, and in many cases, no credible evidence at all to support them.

In his book The Golden Age Of The Moor, Ivan Van Sertima takes an entirely different approach to identifying the Moors.

He doesn't attempt to explain the theories of others nor does he offer a theory of his own.

Instead Van Sertima presents a compilation of historical information taken from the museums of Europe that describe the Moors.

In his book Van Sertima presents paintings, sculptures, coats of arms, and written records about the Moors, that date back to the period that the Moors were in Europe.

Van Sertima's approach is based upon his premise that the most accurate information about the Moors would be the information recorded by the European historians and the European people that lived during the period of time that Moors were in Europe.
  • I wholeheartedly agree with Van Sertima. I feel that his book, The Golden Age Of The Moor is an excellent work, highly recommended for anyone looking for factual information on the racial and ethnic identity of the Moors

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