The Great Cancer Scam "Dr. Nalani & Phil Valentine"

The Great Cancer Scam
Brand Name: House of Consciousness Films
Item#/SKU: GCS
  • Format: Video Presentation
  • Title: The Great Cancer Scam "Dr. Nalani & Phil Valentine"
  • Date: Mar 20th, 2005
  • Location: New York City (Harlem)
  • Running Time: Aprox 3hrs 58mins
  • Category: Health , Nutrition & Prevention
  • This is one of the most informative lectures on this topic. It covers all aspects of the intentional disease forced on us.
  • There is a question and answer session that follows.
  • The speakers offer solutions that help with most common ailments including: Urine therapy, diabetes, Cancer, Juicing and Fasting
  • This is a must have for those seeking a healthy way of life
  • VHS & DVD
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