Authentic Zebra Hide w/Border

Authentic Zebra Hide w/Border
Brand Name: African Hides of America
Item#/SKU: Z H A1 w/bdr
Our Zebra Skin Rugs (Equus Burchelli) are hand picked and carefully selected.

Burchell's Zebra (Equus Burchelli)are not endangered or illegal to sell or own in the United States.

Here is a premium grade Zebra Rug with the added feature of having a thick hand sewn boarder on the underside of the Zebra rug.

The thick hand-sewn carpet underneath the Zebra hide will keep this rug from curling and will allow it to lay flat on the floor.

This Zebra Rug is the best you will find...the Zebra hide is hand sewn to the rug so that the ears will not come up either.

The Zebra mane stands erect and flowing. The trim on the Zebra Rug is black and hand stitched all the way around the Zebra rug.

Approximate measurements of the rug are 9 ft long, with tail, and 5 feet wide at legs. This Zebra rug is listed at a wholesale price...standard retail on a Zebra Rug such as this is $2500

When we ship the Zebra Rugs, they will come rolled up in plastic and arrive via UPS or USPS.

< We only sell the Highest Quality hides and skins

You may find cheaper elsewhere, but remember you get what you pay for!!!

All of our Zebra Hides are Grade A Trophy Hides

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Z H A1 w/bdr - No Border  No Border $1,495.00
Z H A1 w/bdr - Felt Border  With Border $1,595.00
Z H A1 w/bdr - Leather Border  Leather Border $2,145.00