Kang Yuan "Liver Regeneration"

Kang Yuan
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We can see many injuries and hepatization on the liver of poultry and livestock in the marketplace.

These symptoms show that most of the meat we eat everyday is polluted by chemicals. Antibiotics are mixed in the feeds for the animals to prevent diseases.

It seems there's no way to avoid living without harmful chemicals, whether it is the food we eat, alcohol, transportation or housing.

Even liver-protecting drugs are chemically synthesized which becomes great burdens on the liver.

According to reports of experiments, besides affirmation from the world's most prestigious health organizations (Awarded "Excellent Product Award" by WFAS & WHO world Superior Traditional Medical Product Fair 1996.*), the superiority of liver protecting and anti-aging of "Kang Yuan" gets support from millions of consumers.

Kang Yuan is worthy of its reputation as a world-grade natural health food that protects the liver and has anti-aging implications.

Liver ailments are thorny problems in human medicine. Western medical doctors can't always solve problems such as hepatitis.

Modern people are not only invaded by various types of the hepatitis viruses, but also come in contact with numerous materials that are harmful to the liver in daily life.

For example, farmers harvest vegetables containing pesticides and vendors spray antiseptic on vegetables to prolong their shelf life.

Most foods, no matter if it is fresh, salted, fried or roasted, will contain some chemicals. The daily use of cleaners, rinses, mist and smoke in the air all have close connections with chemicals.

Kang Yuan increases the supply abilities of blood and oxygen, improving the micro-circulation of heart, lung, liver and kidneys, strengthening sexual glands, improving the metabolism and the immunity system.

It can restore physical strength rapidly, prolonging youthful vitality and the prevention of diseases to internal organs (such as liver & kidneys) caused by chemicals.

Ingredients: Cordyceps Sinensis Hyphas 30%, Radix Acanthopanax Senticosi (Ci Wu Jia, Siberian Ginseng)18.9%, B-Carotene 0.5%, Vitamin C 0.2%, Vitamin E 0.3%, Tea Oil 25%, Sunflower Oil 25%, Folic Acid 0.1%

Directions: Take 3 soft tablets in the morning before meal. If you are used to taking chemical tonics and vitamins, take Kang Yuan Soft tablets for 15 days, you will feel the differences between Kang Yuan and Western health products, including vitamins. You won't have the feeling of tiredness, experience restless sleep as with taking chemical tonics and you won't be low-spirited the next day.

No side effects

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