BioPro/GIA WELLNESS Home Harmonizer

BioPro/GIA WELLNESS Home Harmonizer
Brand Name: Gia Wellness
Item#/SKU: Harmzr
When you plug this beauty into any outlet, it effectively harmonizes electrical current running through your home and/or office. This neutralizes EMF -triggered stress for you, your children and pets.

It covers up to 20 meter (60') radius from where you have it plugged in and uses no electricity.

It is so easy. Just plug into your wall outlet .. all done!.

Electricity in our homes and offices is such a part of modern day life that we don't even think about the multitudes of its uses.

Cooking, cleaning, watching TV, faxing, printing, playing all day, everyday we rely on its convenience.

But at what cost?

The price we pay extends well beyond money.

The more costly price is our HEALTH.

Electrical current speeding through miles of wires installed in our home and office walls creates significant electromagnetic fields (EMF's).

These fields have shown to significantly disrupt the sensitive signals with which our brains and nervous systems communicate. The results are never before seen allergies, illnesses and deteriorating health for adults, children and pets. In our homes and offices we make key life decisions about family, career, finances, and much more.

Any aggressive toxin that has a disruptive effect on our decision making capability and our physical health needs to be addressed.

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