Bulk knit rasta hats

Bulk knit rasta hats
Brand Name: House of Nubian Inc.
Item#/SKU: Bulk 852
  • The original tam worn by the true rastas
  • All colors(solid or Combo's) available with or without bill. We carry just about every color you can think of. There is a space on the order form to indicate the color you desire.
  • The best way to order in bulk is to request Earth Tones or Solid Colors
  • Available sizes: S, M, L, XL and 2XL
  • The size is pertaining the the volume of hair inside the cap. All the caps have an elastic head band allowing for a one size fits all fit.
  • Any questions please Call (201) 547-3553 for more information
  • Our Price: $441.00

    Select QTY SKU Qty Enter Color/s & Sizes With Brim or Without Brim Unit Price
    Bulk 852  A (36pcs) $12.25ea $441.00
    Bulk 852  B (72pcs) $11.75ea $846.00
    Bulk 852  C (96pcs) $11.25ea $1,080.00
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