The Black Woman's Guide to Understanding the Black Man

The Black Woman's Guide to Understanding the Black Man
Brand Name: Shahrazad Ali
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In her second offering of the type Ms Ali attempts to dissect the ego of the Black male. In a manner similar to The Blackman's Guide she chooses to focus her analysis on the least civilized specimen in society. However, unlike the previous book she chooses to evoke feelings of sympathy, rather than contempt, toward the subject of this work. Like most of her writings her ideas are beneficial, but you have to be careful to take the best part and build from there. The Blackwoman's Guide IS useful, in that it describes the world that my children will inherit. For future generations who will raise and educate Black men she points out those character flaws common to many in our society, thereby providing a guideline of those traits that we may want to stress or reinforce more often with our male children. Ms. Ali ends this work with an analysis of male leaders from history. While her ideas may seem biased she opened the door toward honest criticism of Black leadership in America. While I don't agree with all of her conclusions, I do see her point in evaluating various characteristics and techniques of leadership, and intend to pass this on to my children.
  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
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  • Publisher: Civilized Pubns
  • ISBN: 0933405030
  • (April 1992)
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