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Vedic Incense (Premium Indian Incense)

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Brand Name: pkimports
Item#/SKU: vedic
These Premium Vedic incense are made in India using traditional knowledge of incense making passed down from generation to generation.

These Sticks have a Masala base (Masala is a mixture of traditional natural ingredients), which makes the incense Pure & Superior to charcoal or sawdust incense.

These Vedic incense burn with a minimum amount of smoke & do not release black smoke that is generally found with charcoal and sawdust incense.

These sticks have a longer burning time than other incense.

Our incense does not contain any animal ingredients and has not been tested on animals.

The pure ingredients used in this incense ensures that the fragrance emitted is pleasant & lasts for a long time even after sticks stop burning

  • 15 sticks $1.30 (Compare to House of Mohan 10 sticks for the same price)
  • 14 different scents
    Our Price: $ 1.30