From Babylon to Rastafari

From Babylon to Rastafari
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  • Doulas R.A.Mack in the role as griot reveals his first encounter with the early Rastafarians in Kingston, Jamaica, in the forties and fifties.
  • He visited the Rasta camps with his elder cousins; then to his pioneering role as one of the three Rastafarians emissaries who were part of the Jamaican Government sponsored official mission to Africa in 1961 seeking repartriation.
  • He returned to Africa in 1963, as a member of an independent repartriation mission following up on the ground-work laid by the 1961 mission.
  • The early Rastafarians were distinguished by their beards. Douglas Mack as a young brethen testifies about the discriminatory practices of the Jamaican ruling class towards the bearded Rastaman; and he documents the violence meted out to the brethren by the colonial police force.
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