Elijah Muhammad "The Last Sermon (Saviours Day 2-26-1974)"

Elijah Muhammad
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"In the Name of Allah, The Most Merciful, To Whom All Holy Praises is due, The Lord of the Worlds. I'm so happy to see your smiling faces out here. Now you're talking about a little man, feeling like he's a big man, that's me! Lot's of people call me a little man. I wish they'd come and see how big I am now."

"All Praise is due to Allah, Who have made it possible for us to meet here this day to give honor, thanks for His coming and for His blessing. He has now come in our midst. He's with us. We don't see Him as a spook. He's no spook. He's a live man! He's a Living God!

....As-Salaam-Alaikum. My Beloved Brothers and Sisters, we have today a very beautiful day from Allah. To you that is visiting us, that we know and that we don't know... Some of you, we don't know you...You may make yourself known to us so you can receive your honor from us for visiting us today. We are a people that does not think that we are Big I's. We think that we are little you's. And not Big I's. We are so greatly blessed by Allah and by you visiting us that we can not help but to be happy and proud of your presence. There may be some of you that is some great dignitary that we don't know. You are welcomed to make yourself known to us that we may be able to give you credit for what you are." Elijah Muhammad-August 23, 1974
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