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Dr. Paul Goss, founder and president of NEW BODY PRODUCTS, was the eighth child of ten born to Sam and Annie Goss of Canton, Georgia. He grew up in a small company town called Alcoa, Tennessee. Surprisingly, in that rural setting he received the basis for an international education. Dr. Goss may have learned the 3 R's at the poorly funded segregated school known as Charles M. Hall School, but his interest in holistic cures began when two of his neighborhood's African elders, Mitchel, known as the "Root Doctor" and Ms. Bellamy, known to some as "The Herb Lady", who were the local "root workers", recognized his potential and began instructing him in ancient cures that were passed on to them in much the same way."

The Human Cycle, we live in a world that has four seasons, and each season is reproduced in the same manner from year to year. As the earth rotates around the sun in conjunction with the atmosphere to produce plant growth. That is why the Iron producing plants are stronger at certain times of the year, and the same with Zinc, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Copper, and other body-building foods which we get from the soil. Since we are not twelve-month babies, our bodies have to adjust to this twelve-month system. Some minerals we obtain naturally, while others we get from food. What it really comes down to is the human body breaks down because of deficiencies we were born with. Organs like the Head, Skin, Kidney, Liver, Spleen, Back, Teeth, Colon, Eyes, Brain, etc., slowly break down, because of the missing minerals the system missed during the three months of nonexistence. However, the body can correct itself if given enough time. All you have to know is when you were born, what minerals are missing, and what to eat.

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