Precious Metals

Gold bullion offer a strong investment advantage because they are a low premium way to own the metal. Available weights are 1 gram gold bars, 5 gram gold bars, 10 gram gold bars, 20 gram gold bars, 1 oz gold bars, 10 oz gold bars, and 1 kilo gold bars(32.15 ounces). For pricing and availability on bar sizes not listed on the website please call (800) 290-0943. The purity level on all of our gold is .9999.

More than 800 million ounces of Silver are consumed each year, most of which come from new mine supply. Unlike other metals, silver is consumed in very small increments, making recycling very difficult. In other words, once silver is used, it is usually gone forever.

The last super spike in silver began in 1979, after silver rose steadily from a starting price below $2.00 per ounce. After a decade of gains, silver traded at around $5.50 per ounce. Just 12 months later, in January 1980, silver recorded a blow-off top at $49.45 -- an incredible 800% upsurge over the course of a single year!