Prof. Ivan Van Sertima Video Collection

Ivan Gladstone Van Sertima (26 January 1935 - 25 May 2009) was a British historian,linguist and anthropologist at Rutgers University in the United States. He was noted for his Afrocentric theory of pre-Columbian contact between Africa and the Americas

He began his teaching career at Rutgers University as an instructor in 1972. In 1977 he completed his master's degree. He was Associate Professor of African Studies in the Department of Africana Studies. As editor of the Journal of African Civilizations and author of numerous books, he has addressed topics in literature, linguistics, anthropology and history. He wrote several books in which he argued that the Ancient Egyptians were black.
Van Sertima retired in 2006. He died on 25 May 2009 aged 74. He was survived by his wife and four adult children. His widow, Jacqueline, said she will continue to publish the Journal of African Civilization and plans to publish a book of his poetry