Rasta Hats

Rasta style hats for brothers and sister with dreads or those who just wanna have that Rasta look.

The original tam worn by the true Rasta's
All colors(solid or Combo's) available with or without bill.
We have a lot of color combo's  in stock.

Size System:

The size relates to the the volume of hair inside the cap. All the caps have an elastic head band allowing for a one size fits all fit.

Small  - Locks up to 6"  Long
Medium - Locks up to 12" Long
Large -  Locks up to 18" Long
X-Large  - Locks up to 24" Long

2X-Large - Locks more than 24" long

There is a space on the order form to indicate the color you desire. 
We no longer custom make the Rasta Hats
Wholesale available 36pcs min 
Call (800) 290-0943 for more information