Rev. Dr. Ishakamusa Barashango Video Collection

Dr. Barashango is a historian in the Black liberation struggle and a citizen of the Republic of New Afrika. The brother turns those he lectures to, into whole beings of mind, body and spirit. He puts biblical characters and lands in perspective, while providing a wealth of information about the Mother and Father force known as the Creator.

Dr. Barashango departed from us to another sphere on January 14 , 2004 in Philadelphia. 

He apparently succumbed to a heart attack during his morning walk. 

Barashango, who was elevated to a grand master scholar in 2000 while in Kemet and co-founder and creative director of the Fourth Dynasty Publishing Company in Silver Spring, Maryland, would have been 66 in April 2004.

One thing he always stressed and that most impressed me was that we can never free our minds as long as we view God as a white man or as long as we keep worshiping white people's Holy-days (Holidays). 

He was a pillar of our community. " Dr. Barashango, affectionately known as Baba, received his bachelor of arts degree in religion from Oakwood College in Huntsville, Alabama. 

He studied for his master's degree at Northeastern Seminary in Takoma Park, Maryland. 

The New Afrikan University Network System of Washington, D.D. saluted him with an honorary Doctor of Philosophy Degree in 1979. 

Always a popular lecturer, Baba leaves behind a vast collection of taped speeches.