Rugs & Animal Hides

Do you want to try something different?

We now have legal access to de-haired rawhide's of Antelope, Deer, Elk, Buffalo (American bison), Horse, and an occasional Moose. We don't keep these in stock as we haven't had a lot of requests, but we do have immediate access to them. The prices vary widely as each hide or skin is graded and priced individually for size and quality, so you will have to tell us what you want and we'll do the shopping. Prices can run from $150 for an Antelope skin to $500 for a large Buffalo hide. Here are some guidelines that may help: Antelope skins are small, thin, and elastic. Deer is similar to an extra thick goatskin and is somewhat more elastic. Elk is similar to thin cowhide. Buffalo is like thick cowhide and can get very thick indeed in the area of the shoulders and hump (up to 1/2"). I have not worked with the Horse or Moose hides and cannot make recommendations on them yet.

Also New Synthetic Fiber Interior rugs!!!