Subliminal Scripting Cds

The popular history of information processing without awareness, sometimes called shadowed or masked information and sometimes referred to as peripheral information, but commonly known by the public under one general label as subliminal communication, is really a history of modern manipulation.

For the sake of simplicity, imagine that you are verbal subliminal stimuli riding beneath the waves of nature sounds and music in the same manner a submarine rides beneath the ocean surface. On the journey into the ear, destined for the brain, the outer ear catches the sound waves and they enter the auditory canal. From the auditory canal the waves are transmitted to the drum membrane, or middle ear, where air pressure and three small bones convey vibrations to the inner ear. Here, within the inner ear are cochlea or coiled structures with sensory cells that receive the sound stimuli and transmit to the brain impulses arising from them. The stimuli ultimately trigger neurons. Millions of neurons are carrying message units corresponding to some stimuli across the synapses and simultaneously competing for conscious attention.

Neurons have no neutral state. They are either off or on. Therefore, the threshold of awareness or detection/perception level that exists and is taking place below that threshold is in fact a neural excitation. Without a neural excitation, there exists no perception, with or without awareness. 

The positive messages on the Subliminal CDs eventually overtake the negative information contained in the subconscious. They literally rescript our own inner talk thereby priming positive self beliefs which begin the cycle of self fulfilling prophecies. When this happens the subliminal beliefs that formerly were self limiting begin to change. As they do we! 


Our Subliminal CD programs simply converse directly with the subliminal mind, bypassing the conscious sentry which often argues against change. This is a way of inputting enough positive message units to prime inner talk and begin to rescript the self-imposed limitations that have accumulated over one's lifetime.